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Tayo Kids Cafe

Creative and Happy Place

All of the parents and children in the world make a happy space.

Tayo Kids Café is the space planned and made by PLACEONE, a joint company between ICONIX that produced “Tayo the Little Bus”, “Pororo the Little Penguin”, etc. and NCOMPLUS, a specialized franching company that has opened more than 400 franchises.
With its goal to make a happy place for all of the parents and their children through Tayo Kids Café, its own brand, PLACEONE provides a play space where children can grow right emotionally and develop their dreams, and a healing space where parents can recover from their daily fatigue with family.PLACEONE will continue unhurriedly to make Tayo Kids Café as a valuable brand beloved for a long time and to make a society where all of parents, their children, franchises and franchiser feel happy.

PLACEONE makes a present of a happy time that parents and their children have not experienced before through Tayo Kids Café, Tayo, The Chef and Tayo The Café. We will expand abroad as well as home in order for all of the parents and their children in the world to be happy. Whoever visits these places has the right to be happy. We proudly introduce the spaces making happiness, the best space in this industry.

Creative playground where children can play all by themselves

The idea of Tayo Kids Café is that a kids café should not be the place to be dropped by just due to simple affection for characters. Our playing facilities were developed through taking into account concentration of the children who cannot focus on one thing up to more than 10 minutes, and making a thorough study of the children’s psychology. The playing facilities were made intuitively so that children can understand how to play with by themselves just through seeing their appearances, and were realized so that they can consider those facilities as the best playground near the house. Also, 20% of the rides are upgraded and we make a creative attempt to apply the Internet of Things (IoT) to the rides for children’s interactive experience. With our recent development of an exclusive app for Tayo Kids Café, we will provide a variety of information including children’s playing activities for parents.

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Kids Café that is small but can be fruitfully operated

People tend to think a kids café as a concept of a theme park or a big play space operated with various zones.
However, Tayo Kids Café is designed to interconnect more than 8 rides in a circulating and duplex type for the efficient and diversified use. Under a Jungle Gym playground where the game of Let’s Go Dream Team can be enjoyed, Tayo Buses beloved by children pass by. The Bang Bang Zone where kids can jump high is connected to the attic where the picture books are gathered. Such circulating-type design showed the possibility to start shop with its size of 150 to 200 pyeong in the kids café industry in which more than 300 pyeong is generally preferred. Furthermore, we have collected the customer reviews that it has more things to play with and is full of solid contents.

Safe food easy to cook

In a kids café, food is very important factor. It is because food is an energy source of children playing for fun. Tayo Kids Café provides a high level of menu with Tayo’s unique sensibility by using the safe and fresh food materials. The situations of franchise owners are also taken into consideration completely. Through establishing an all-in-one system of a kitchen, food can be cooked conveniently and cleanly even without professional cook. This also becomes an opportunity for the franchise owners to drastically reduce the labor costs.

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