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CEO Message

Tayo Kids Café promises to become a happy space to all of franchisees and customers

with exceptionally creative mind and unchanged veracity.


Trust and veracity are my belief and philosophy that I have kept while I made my franchise business successful for the past 15 years.
Based on such trust and veracity, my desire as a space creator to make a space giving a hope and dream to the franchise owners and customers led to the opening of 900 franchises after launching an innovative brand of PC café, Ghost Castle in 2001.
And, with the heart of a father who had four children, I created Tayo Kids Café in 2013.

As Tayo Kids Café has opened 16 franchises for the past 3 years and also launched its sub-brands, Tayo, The Chef and Tayo The Café, it has grown fast as a space receiving unrivaled support and love from parents and children. In addition, based on our meticulous start-up system, it was reborn as an excellent franchise that provided an opportunity for a pre entrepreneur to gain a stable income and become a real professional.

All these things have been done through mutual trust. PLACEONE has built spaces that can give parents credit one by one with its love of children, and has led to the success of its franchise owners gaining their trust through breaking the stereotype that franchise business fats up the franchise headquarters only. Such tremendous achievements are the results that our belief to make entertaining and informative spaces has been reflected in.

Tayo Kids Café is not a space that is operated simply by the character power. Based on a reputable character, Tayo, we have realized ‘a space where parents and their children are all happy’ through providing the playing facilities designed by our thorough study of the children’s psychology, and safe food and beverage. The Tayo Kids Cafe Experience Exhibition hosted together by Lotte Department Store drew fervent responses from the customers, and toured the country 11 times in total. The proof is in such responses together with the success of existing franchise owners.

In 2016, Tayo Kids Café is ready to enter into the Chinese market. Based on our localization experience of Pororo Parks in opening 8 branches in China and 1 branch in Singapore, we will spread a value of Tayo Kids Café, a space where parents and their children are all happy to the Chinese. We will do our best to create the best playground where the kids in the world as well as Korea and China can play for fun with Tayo.