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Tayo The Chef

Introduction of Tayo, The Chef

Tayo, The Chef as the second work of the Tayo space series is a space for family dining out.
Healthy and tasty food is offered and Tayo play space is arranged in the one side of the store. We are proud of it as a satisfactory place for eating out to parents and their children.

Perfect place for eating out with children

It is no easy thing to eat out with fretful children. Tayo, The Chef organized the dining area and play space in the proportion of 7 to 3, and enabled parents to eat comfortably seeing their children playing around. Tayo Jungle Gym and Tayo Gym Play in the play space are divided according to age group. Besides this Guri Branch opened in 2014, many other Tayo, the Chefs will be seen in the various shopping centers.

Honest food with our heart

We make good food with our mind of thinking about the customers. It is not difficult to put heart on food. First of all, it is essential to use fresh ingredients. Using good materials, make a dish that all people can eat with an easy mind. The menu is extensive and includes pizza, fried rice, salad based on pork cutlet and spaghetti that cater to parents and children..