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Background of Production

Self-directed playing facilities developed through careful

analysis of children’s behavior and psychology

Tayo Kids Café is not a place where parents teach their children how to play following them.
We developed our unique playing facilities so that children could play by instinct without any teaching.
We are leading the innovative kids café culture through the playing facilities that people have not experienced before.

More than 10 playing facilities connected to one

As we watched that children couldn’t focus one thing more than 10 minutes, we developed a circulating type system connecting various playing facilities to one so that children could play with joy for a long time without losing their interest. They can enjoy a game of ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!’ together with their parents. Based on large Jungle Gym full of the slide, ball pool, Tarzan slide, etc., the facilities including the car zone, book café, log playground and Bang Bang zone are connected all together. In addition, duplex type of spaces enables children to be absorbed in play keeping jumping up and down.

More than 10 playing facilities connected to one

New rides developed steadily

Recently, we tried to apply the Internet of Things (IoT) to the rides so that children can enjoy the interactive response. There are various responses including a ride or cushion that sounds or moves when it is touched. Also, mothers can check their children’s playing activities through an exclusive app for Tayo Kids Café. Now in 2016, you can verify such interactive technology in Woojangsan store. Our goal is to continue to make new rides, and to create the unrivaled perfect play space in the next 5 years by applying these rides to all branches.

New rides developed steadily

Safer space than anywhere else

We were more concerned with its safety because it was a place where children would run around and play by themselves. We minimized any collision accident by scientifically designing the moving lines of playing facilities, and divided play spaces according to age group so that even the youngest could play safe.

Safer space than anywhere else