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Spirits of Tayo Kids Café

The First, The Only, The Best!

To make the world’s first, new and best spaces

The PLACEONE’s management philosophy is to try first new thing and succeed it.
This management philosophy has been observed since starting the brand of Ghost Castle that was planned by a creative concept enough to cause a sensation in the PC rooms market, and brought the results of opening more than 900 franchises for 15 years. Without its dependency of Tayo’s popularity, Kids Café also developed an entirely new type of Jungle Gym connecting with all the rides and applied the interactive factors to such rides, which have been well-received by parents and their children. Also, we develop new rides every year, think seriously about food and operating methods from the new franchisee’s and customer’s point of view, and make efforts to establish itself as the industry’s best space that nobody can match.

What PLACEONE wants to accomplish first through Tayo Kids Café is the society where all the parents and their kids feel happy. Let’s imagine the parents watching in comfort their children play with joy at a safe place.
We believe that, the more such best places increase, the brighter our world becomes.

Ethical management thinking of new franchisees, contractors and customers

We aim for a warm and truthful company. In order to enable a new franchise owner starting a new life to grow as a business professional, we lend a helping hand from leasing space to minor operating ways. Also, Tayo Kids Café supports the parents with three or more kids.
We make a charge only for two kids so that they can enjoy without burdens. In addition, we do not make unreasonable demands on the contractors such as a construction company to show their skills to the full. In reward for all the attention of the people who love our Tayo Bus characters and spaces, we will think and lead from their point of view and do our best to make all happy.

Happy space together with parents and their children

Tayo Kids Café is not a space only for children. We think that the parents who take their children also have the right to enjoy a sweet break. Our space was designed so that children can play all by themselves even though parents do not inform their children of how to play following them, which reduced the parents’ burdens. Taking into consideration the children’s eyes, the rides were installed intensively at the center of the space. The development of new type of play space connecting all the rides intended to enable the children with weak concentration to concentrate on playing for a long time. Also, the comfortable chairs and cozy space were arranged at several places so that parents can sit down and relax. It is essential to provide the safe facilities and right foods. Like this, Tayo Kids Café is a space where parents can make their children play at ease and children can play freely.