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Tayo the Little Bus

Tayo character power moving upin the world beyond Seoul

Based on the power of Tayo, the character that has public confidence through the love of people around the world, Tayo Kids Café makes efforts to build the perfect spaces beyond fund and educational message delivered by Tayo to children.

  • tayo

    New little bus with a curious, cheerful and optimistic personality.

  • rogi

    A little bus with an outgoing personality fond of stepping forward and giving itself airs.

  • rani

    A little girl bus with perfect charms – kind, cute but timid.

  • gani

    An earnest little bus that is silent, thoughtful and considerate.

  • situ

    A reliable two-story tour bus acting like the eldest brother of little buses.

  • hana

    A cheerful and friendly mechanic taking care of the buses.

Tayo’s character power made even bigger

<Tayo the Little Bus>is a joint effort by ICONICS, a producer of Pororo, the Seoul government and EBS, and a character that has grown through being loved so much by the children around the world since firstly aired in August 2010. On the Public Transportation Day in March 26, 2014, the Tayo Character Buses operated by the Seoul government became very popular among children and even adults, and were also applied to the city buses across the country.

ICONICS + Seoul government + EBS

타Tayo has grown faster than Pororo, an all-weather top character of the Korean Wave. It is because the age range of the children who like Tayo is wider.
It was also helpful to make a character utilizing the transportation that you can meet anywhere in a friendly way. The experts expect that, like the continuing popularity of Pororo that has been loved since born in 2003, Tayo will continue to be popular for a long time. However, Tayo Kids Café does not rely only on Tayo’s popularity. It will establish itself as the best playground rather leading such character power of Tayo. We will continue to take the lead in creating new values though various attempts including mass-production of space brands of Tayo brand