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Fresh F&B aiming for healthy food items

Food philosophy of Tayo Kids Cafe

Clean and fast cooking -Cooking food in the eco-friendly and convenient environment. Fresh ingredients  - Fast consumption and supply of all food materials. High quality beverage  - high quality coffee beans and teas for parents. Plentiful menu - A variety of menu with consideration for adults as well as children.

Honest food items make children healthy.
우 Our selection of food ingredients were supplied for cooking in the freshest condition. Our optimal recipe adapted for children’s tastes is excellent in both taste and nutrition.
Also, we have the sanitary and convenient cooking system and tight management environment. Food in Tayo Kids Café will give credit to parents who have to pack lunch whenever going out due to their worry about food safety. Through such food, we are responsible for the health of children playing around, and enrich the parties for special days.

* The composition of menu and the prices vary depending on a store.