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Relaxation Facilities

Please see the resting facilities in Tayo Kids Café.

Space configuration with consideration for parents’ heart

Normally, parents cannot take their eyes off their children in a kids café. It is because they are worried about any possibility of their kids to get hurt.
In order to save parents such trouble, Tayo Kids Café arranged the open-type playing facilities to easily catch the moving line of the kids. In addition, the Gym Play zone where infants play around is facing the bar table where parents can enjoy a cup of tea watching the children playing.
Our preparation of the places to rest here and there including enough quantity of stool-type cushions is the result of reflecting the Tayo Kids Café’s wish for parents’ taking enough breaks above everything else. The nursing facilities selected by mothers as an important factor were also arranged for convenient use.

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Party rooms arranged for diversified use

Tayo Kids Café prepared the party rooms so the children could enjoy a birthday party with their friends in the space full of Tayo characters. The party rooms can be rented respectively, and can be used for the various events such as birthday party and small meetings with parents and children.
Through the set menu for a birthday party, you can order conveniently. Audio equipment and screen are also well-prepared. Tayo Kids Café is leading the party culture so that children can come across the sound party culture naturally.

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