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Innovative and Unique

Leading a unique kids café culture through an innovative system

Tayo Kids Café is a kids café created by utilizing the characters of <Tayo the Little Bus> that has gained huge popularity.
Although only the use of Tayo characters in a kids café can guarantee success, we rather wanted to make more perfect space. We hoped to give public confidence in Tayo Bus wings and enhance our own competitiveness to create it as a beloved space longer and much more. We will give happy spaces to parents and children, and perfect success to the new business starters.

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High level of space design with the top priority of children safety and parents’ relaxation

Tayo Kids Café has been studied and designed to create the optimal space where children and parents can enjoy in comfort together.

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    Space where children can play around safely

    The basis of Tayo Kids Café design starts from lowering the threshold. In order for the children who are unfamiliar to walk or who occupy themselves with playing around not to fall over something, we have been meticulous in looking at our spaces. Another point is that children toilets must be prepared no matter what the building conditions. It is because a kids café should be thoroughly set up to cater to children.

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    Space configuration with consideration for parents’ heart

    Normally, parents cannot take their eyes off their children in a kids café.
    혹It is because they are worried about any possibility of their kids to get hurt.
    In order to save parents such trouble, Tayo Kids Café arranged the open-type playing facilities to easily catch the moving line of the kids. In addition, the Gym Play zone where infants play around is facing the bar table where parents can enjoy a cup of tea watching the children playing.
    Our preparation of the places to rest here and there including enough quantity of stool-type cushions is the result of reflecting the Tayo Kids Café’s wish for parents’ taking enough breaks above everything else. The nursing facilities selected by mothers as an important factor were also arranged for convenient use.

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    Party rooms arranged for diversified use

    Tayo Kids Café prepared the party rooms so the children could enjoy a birthday party with their friends in the space full of Tayo characters.
    The party rooms can be individually rented, and can be used for the various events such as birthday party and small meetings with parents and children.
    Through the set menu for a birthday party, you can order conveniently. Audio equipment and screen are also well-prepared. Tayo Kids Café is leading the party culture so that children can come across the sound party culture naturally.

Close and responsible supports from A to Z for opening a franchise

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    Reliable assistant taking a stand for the franchise owners

    Our opening supports for Tayo Kids Café are uncommon. It is because, since we really understand the heart of the people who start business, we take a stand for the franchisees and support their start-ups with responsibility. In addition, our head office operation team is responsible for managing all the areas from construction, licensing, to store opening. Our follow-up management system including interior AS system is also systematically prepared to play a role as an assistant.

  • 02

    Thorough business district analysis and location selection

    The business district analysis for Tayo Kids Café is thoroughly made by the experts who have the experiences in opening more than 900 franchises based on their nation-wide networks and DBs. We select a location of store with responsibility taking into consideration the place crowded with families raising children, building with good parking lot and reasonable location that does not put a great burden on a franchise owner. This will be a stepping-stone for start-up success of the franchise owners.

  • 03

    Close Assistance for growing as a kids café specialist

    We present continuous training and reasonable management plan to our franchisees so that they will be reborn as a real kids café professional as well as plays a role simply as a CEO. Especially, during the first 10 days after opening a store, our official from the headquarters are dispatched to support its operation. During the course, new franchisee can learn how to cope properly with the various situations that have not been understood through simple training. In addition, we prepare our systematic management training program and manual including service, safety and cooking.

Heart moving marketing giving more trust to customers and success to the franchise owners

Cumulative visitors to stores: 1,000,000 persons , Website visitors in 2015: 100,000 persons , Press articles in 2015: 118

Space operation touching every single person

Tayo Kids Café thinks it the first step towards good marketing to draw a sincere evaluation of a single person. Therefore, the basic principle of our marketing is to do our best to operate spaces for gaining our customers’ unchanged love. We will do our best until our veracity (honesty) is spread from mouth to mouth among all parents.

Marketing presenting different fun to children and parents

In the Camping Exhibition that we, firstly in the kids café industry, hosted together with the Korea Camping Association, a lot of great families attended. In the comment relay of Kakao Story, more than 1,000 comments were attached in a day. Like this, Tayo Kids Café progresses the various events to present new experiences to the customers and the contact-type seasonal events easily accessible through SNS. Also, in partnership with the various companies such as Haitai, Dong Suh Food, McDonald’s, Naver and Hyundai Oilbank, we conducted joint promotion to meet Tayo Kids Café everywhere. A Tayo Kids Café app launched in December 2015 will be utilized for new marketing including a surprise discount event.

Marketing activities for sustainable success of franchise owners

Tayo Kids Café advertises the most in this industry. When a franchise is open, we carry out a release and delivery of press article. Also, through brand TV-CF, bus ads and SNS operation, we support the successful start-up and operation of our franchise owners.

  • Before opening

    • Promotion through Tayo Kids Cafe website,
    • brand blog and SNS channel Naver keyword advertising.
    • dvance publicity in the social commerce brand pages.
    • Promotion in partnership with a mom’s café around the area of Tayo Kids Café to be opened.
    • Installation of a large banner on the building that Tayo Kids Cafe will be part of.
  • When opening

    • Viral marketing including detailed visit reviews.
    • Sales start through social commerce.
    • Issuing of press release and sending of press articles.
    • Direct distribution of promotional materials to about 20,000 households.
  • After opening

    • Continuous promotion and events through all the channels of Tayo Kids Café.
    • Viral marketing support using a local keyword.
    • Continuous support of Naver keyword advertising.
    • Promotional supports including website popup and home blog upon the request from a franchising owner.
    • Continuous sales through social commerce.
    • Development of offline marketing channel by area and marketing proposal support.