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Tayo The Cafe

Introduction of Tayo The Cafe

The third work of the Tayo space series is Tayo The Cafe.
Tayo The Café where healthy beverages are available is a small café space where children can meet Tayo the Little Bus more easily and closely.

Oasis for department store kids

Tayo The Café is a space planned with the aim of being part of the department stores or shopping centers where families gather.
Unlike other cafés that were normally in the food court or on the top floor, our success came from quickly being part of the floor for children’s wear. Thanks to Tayo The Café that children cannot miss, the sales of the nearby children’s wear shops also increase. The table decorated with Tayo characters, healthy fruit juice for children, the aroma of coffee and dessert capturing parents’ tastes become an oasis for children and moms who are tired of shopping.

Promising item for small business start-up

You can open a Tayo The Café with its size of 15 to 30 pyeong.
Its whole interior decorated with Tayo characters, toys and books arranged everywhere and
a Gym Play Zone with its size of about 5 pyeong capture children’s eyes.
It is a perfect place for parents to take a break.
Tayo The Café that has received a hot love call from many franchise owners
or shopping centers will create a sensation in this industry.